Working in Wisseloord Studio's in the Netherlands

It’s been some time in the making, and monday I will start working at Wisseloord Studio’s in the Netherlands for a few months. No specific end date has been set yet, but that’ll become clear once I start working there. There is a three month internship followed by the possibility to assist if all goes well. And from there on, who knows.

I look forward to learn from all top artists and producers present. A few of the bands that recorded their album there are Royal Blood, Afrojack, Glen Miller Orchestra, Anouk and Chris Brown. And Wisseloord is the home of producer Ronald Prent (Guano Apes, Rammstein, Dire Straits) and Master engineer Darcy Proper (Warhaus, David Garrett).

During my stay I will be able to use the facilities there, so I will still be able to take on assignments. Studio assignments can be done (partially or wholly) at Wisseloord, and assignments on location can also be done after checking dates in conjunction with Wisseloord. Feel free to drop a line if you want more information. Off to the Netherlands!

Simon Vanden Bogaerde
A busy summer with Hooverphonic

This summer was a busy one! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a lot of talented artists. Crooked Steps, being one of them, have now released their first single and videoclip. I love how we were able to build sound and character starting al the way down with songwriting and arranging. When we were happy with the most important part, the song itself, we moved out to the studio where we really tried to recreate the energy of a smashing rock ‘n roll band. Capturing the live feel and allowing controlled carelessness in performance and recording were essential for a credible, enthusing result. When the spirit is completely captured during recording, the mixing part is like surfing a perfect wave all the way to the beach. Like adding salt and pepper to the soup, I tried to find a perfect balance between the bands inherent roughness and a non-intrusive yet energetic cleanliness. And to top it all off, a dash of retro. Yummy!

Later, in July and August, I was thrilled to be given the chance to assist with the recording and mixing of the new Hooverphonic Album ‘Looking For stars’. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself behind the recording desk from day one. Don’t mess up now! First up were drums, followed by bass, guitars and synths. After a few days of premixing the sessions were ready for Luka’s vocal takes. I must say I haven’t recorded many singers who sing in tune that well. After that, we started mixing the record. I learned a lot from watching Alex making very efficient yet musical decisions in a heartbeat. That’s efficiency for you. I also really appreciate the confidence I was given to voice my opinion and even to take over once in a while. After an intense but very enjoyable period, we came up with a result we were all happy about, and well before the deadline. The work experience was incredible, and having Alex and Griet taking care of me with food, company and a lot more was heartwarming. Thank you.

Graduated from conservatory and new website

So there it is, after a study of five years I graduated with honors from the conservatory of Ghent as a master in music production.  I've learned a lot in these years and am very happy to have had the opportunity to experiment and learn.

This website marks the beginning of a new chapter where I will be producing and  making music for a living.  I intend for this website to serve as a connection platform where people can find all the info they need, such as portfolio, personal info, contact info, current projects, etc..  

It also gives me the opportunity to show people what I've been doing the past several years.  Check out the discography section if you'd like to hear some songs that I've worked on, or check the live projects section to see with whom I've been on stage (or behind the mixing console).

I am very happy to tell you that there already are some new projects that I'm currently working on and others that I've just finished.  So the discography will get fuller in the near future.  Have a look and thank you for visiting my new website!